The MMA Invasion is a blog that I work on that’s all about Mixed Martial Arts. I take time and effort to write this blog because Mixed Martial Arts is a huge passion of mine and I love to spread the word. I give my thoughts, Breakdowns and Analysis of the UFC PPV, FOX, Fuel and FX events and a little extra. I’ll give you my opinion on the betting lines and which ones are a pretty good steal. You don’t have to listen to those, its your choice. I will occasionally write articles on fighters currently in the spotlight. So far I’ve only got a few articles but there are definitely more to come. There’s not much right now because Im focusing on trying to get my blog out there!

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  1. Durka Durka says:

    Can u put up videos too?
    Btw the site looks LEGIT!!!

  2. MelF says:

    Highlight reels would help

  3. Origin says:

    I think you need to read up properly. Lombard will beat Anderson by decision.

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